Yesterday :

The breeze felt uneasy.

The Moon did not look bright.

The stars were chaotic.


I made peace with the breeze.

The Moon does not look dark.

The stars are merrily scattered.


I will be embracing the warm breeze.

The Moon will look bright and beautiful.

The stars will be twinkling adorably.

Let it rain

How long will you write about the beauty of butterflies and flowers?
How long will you write about the twinkling stars and the bright Sun?

When will you write about the thunder inside you?
When will you let it rain?

When will you stop pretending?
When will you pen down the truth?

Let it rain, may be for once.
I say again “Let it rain.”


I fear not being what I wish to be.

I fear being what they want me to be.

Your remarks,

Your criticisms,

Your judgements,

Are bringing me down.

I pretend like they don’t bother me but it’s a lie.

I go on a walk with your mockery on my mind.




is all I am seeking for.

Before I come back I tell myself that I will succeed.

However, deep down I fear not being what I want to be.


Going through Photograph Albums is like a walk down the memory lane. Sitting by the window, I spent my entire day trying to virtually relive the old days.

What was happiness then? A Candy, a bowl of noodles or simply riding a bicycle. Being happy was so easy. To most of the people now happiness is something you can show others on Social Media. You can’t be happy unless you are driving a Ferrari. Gradually I see happiness being more about money and less about a state of mind.

Grown ups and happy is a hard to find combination. No doubt, money brings happiness but are you genuinely happy or are you happy because the society considers you rich and the “obviously happy” category. You might feel incomplete even with plenty of cash in your hand.

Trust me, a small candy can still be your happiness if you want it to be. Why can’t you see the little things which are fetching you joy? Your happiness rests in your own hand. All you need to do is welcome it when it knocks at your door.

Self Search

Where are you?

Do you even know how long it has been?


It has been so long that

I can’t recollect the way you laugh

The way you talk,

The way you socialise.

Why have you built that wall around you?

The one that is too strong to collapse.


My dear, I am not talking about your beloved.

I am looking for the “inner you”.

The “you” you have been fleeing from.

The inner you wants to be the cheerful person once again.

You have tried many ways of breaking the wall.

Well, try few more.

How long will you run?

Ask yourself,

“Do you really need to run this race?”

Never give up

What do you want to be?

Where do you want to see yourself?

How long will you grumble about the things you lack?

How long will you regret for not being the privileged?

Before you buckle your shoes and begin running,

Make sure you have won over the grumbling stage.

Wake up!

Chase what you want.

Be that Hero

who fights till he is black and blue.

Don’t give up if success does not embrace you at once.

When you are being defeated

Remember what Heywood said

“Rome wasn’t built in one day but they were laying bricks every hour.”

The Prisoner

Sitting static on the floor

Staring at the pillar all day

Leaning his back against the wall

He feels dead.


He repents all day for his deeds.

He prays to rewind his life.

Alas! He cannot do it.

He keeps feeling dead.


He is about to step out of the prison today.

He will be set free.

The chained life is about to end.

He can see a ray of hope.

He feels alive.


He has been given his freedom.

The sun rays embraced him.

The cool breeze greeted him.

The smell of wet grass reminded him of his village.

But he was not feeling alive anymore.


Thousand thoughts were running in his mind.

Does he still have a family?

Do his friends remember him?

Will the society accept him?

Will he always be considered a “criminal”?

He believes his life has no purpose.

He feels dead again.


Set me free.

Let me loiter around one more time.

I feel like playing with the wet grass,

Getting mesmerised by the cool breeze

Going down and rising above all on a See-Saw.


Is this too much to ask for?

Is this not worth being granted?

It has been long since I have tasted freedom.

Just like once you have been in love you will always want to be loved,

once you know how freedom is, you will always want to be free.


They say “Freedom is a lonely road.”

I don’t believe them.

I say “Captivity and loneliness come hand in hand.”

In a closed room banging your head against the wall or

behind the bars blaming yourself or

guilt clogged in your own mind

you will set yourself free soon.

Once again you will be soaring up high like a free bird.


The door awaits to be knocked .

The window wishes you to peep.

The walls crave to hear your voice.


Will you someday walk in?

Will you someday peep through?

Will you someday break this silence?


Their hopes are lingering.

Slowly they are giving up.

The door, windows and walls are numb now.

Now they stand still.

In your awkward silence they managed to find peace.

The bliss of solitude has filled them with joy.

The confused

What do you do when you begin doing something which you don’t want to? Well, I usually start lying to myself. I make efforts to make myself believe that the other thing was not good for me and this is great. This thing which I don’t want to do will get me happiness. I have always done this successfully.

But tonight is a different. I don’t feel like lying to myself. How long will I? How many times should I convince myself for things I don’t like? I am tired.

Tonight all I can think is “If this thing brings me good fruits, will it be fruits of happiness or only fruits? What if I had done the thing I liked, got no fruits but be happy about the fact that I did what I wanted to?”

All the time these thoughts paralyse me. It keeps me lying on the bed, thinking and thinking all day long. Then I wake up to do the thing I don’t want to.

The inner “me” is rebellious tonight. Answer to all these things is utterly required. The weaker “me” is still looking for an excuse to suppress and convince the inner “me”.

Tonight I hope the inner “me” wins.